About Giving to AIU

About Giving to AIU
Whom do I call if I wanted to give a gift to AIU?

Anyone in University Partnership Office would be delighted to assist you. The phone number for the Office is 0715 247 540 or 020-2603663.

How can I make my gift to AIU?
You can mail a check
The Vice Chancellor
Africa International university
P.O. Box 24686-00502
Karen, Nairobi Kenya

When do I send my gift?
Whenever it's convenient for you! The donations provided through giving enable AIU to make important choices as it pursues its mission, including hiring faculty, upgrading facilities and much more. Please remember — the University needs your support every year. (AIU's fiscal year runs from September 1 to August 31.)

May I specify where I want my gift to go?
Yes, you can support anything you wish — just specify on your check where you wish your gift to go. You give the University greater flexibility when you designate your gift to the “University’s Greatest Need.”



What is the minimum amount needed to establish an endowed scholarship?
The minimum gift is Ksh 1, 000, 000 which can be made over a period of years. The scholarship will not be awarded until the fund reaches Ksh. 1,000,000

May I set the criteria for the kind of student who will receive my scholarship?
Yes, however all criteria and scholarship agreements must first be approved by the University.

May I set up a scholarship in my name or to honor someone else?
Yes, most scholarships honor or memorialize individuals.

Will I be informed about the student who receives my scholarship?
Each year endowed scholarship donors are mailed a report with information about their student recipient.

Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds
What is the endowment?
At Africa International University, the endowment comprises the long-term investment assets of the University. These assets are invested in perpetuity, and only the income from the investments can be spent each year. Funds enter the endowment from two primary sources: gifts from donors and additions to long-term savings that are set aside by the Board. Each year, AIU Governing Council commits additional funds for long-term investment to secure the future of the institution.

What is an endowed fund?
Endowed funds are created by donors who wish to establish permanent funds to support scholarships, chairs, professorships or other University programs. When assets are donated to an endowed fund, the gifts "buy shares" in AIU's endowed investment pool, which operates in a manner similar to a mutual fund. Endowed funds are named and used according to the donor's wishes. By law, only the income and related gains may be spent. The principal must remain intact. Annual spendable income from an endowed fund can be expended only for the fund's specified purpose.

What investment is required to establish an endowed fund?
The amount required to establish an endowed fund at AIU varies depending on the fund's purpose. For instance, a named scholarship can be endowed with a gift of Ksh. 2,500,000 or more. Likewise, an endowed professorship can be named with a gift of Ksh. 5, 000,000 or more and an endowed chair for Ksh 10,000,000 or more. Some donors choose to contribute over time, building toward the naming level of their fund with each gift. Regardless of how long it takes to fund a named endowment, the benefits will support the University and its programs far into the future.

Why Give to AIU

Why does AIU need private support?
Since AIU is an independent university, strong support from alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations is vital. Public universities are supported with tax money, while private universities depend more heavily on tuition and private gift support. Only about 70 percent of the true cost of a AIU education is paid by the student. The rest comes from other sources, including philanthropy and income from the endowment.

How does AIU choose its fund-raising priorities?
Projects are determined through a strategic planning process and are generally based on AIU's Academic Plan and Facilities Master Plan. Following the strategic planning process, the Governing Council sets the priorities for academic projects to be funded. Once approved by the Governing Council and the Management Board, projects are sent to the University Partnerships Office to assess possibilities for matching projects with potential donors.

Where did AIU’s philanthropic cash go last year?
During fiscal year 2012, Ksh. 26,690,000 was contributed by alumni, parents and friends, with the majority going toward student scholarships.