Learn About AIU’s Vision

AIU is again physically and figuratively revitalizing itself for the future. “Never content to rest on our past successes, we are now beginning to realize the next phase of our long-term plan.

AIU has strategically committed to constructing the physical home of much of the University and those foundations are now being laid.  Plans are under way to construct on the Karen campus:
•    An academic facility to provide innovative instructional space for all students and a home for some of AIU’s most promising academic programs, including the School of Business and Economic, and the School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
•    An addition to and renovation of the University Chapel to give the students a feeling of goodness when worshipping God.
On the drawing boards are a new building for the School of Law, renovation of the access roads and the Kijiji Guest House. These facilities will enable AIU to better contribute to building the nation’s economy.  

Future AIU students will also benefit from an intense, residential university experience — along the heart and soul of an AIU education.  In Karen, a new residence hall will be built, and one more residence hall will be added depending upon student demand.  

The University will transcend physical spaces, revolutionize the learning experience and elevate AIU’s people and programs through new scholarships, endowed faculty positions, and innovative academic and co-curricular offerings.

Scholarship Support

Scholarship Support

Scholarship support has never been more important to AIU and the talented and deserving students who want to be AIU breed. Scholarships are the University’s top priority because they enable AIU to remain accessible, affordable and competitive.
The $400,000 raised through the Campaign Scholarship Initiative has done much to trim the amount of debt our students carry upon graduation, but the need is still great. Additional scholarships and financial aid will enable more potential AIU breeds to attend their dream school and benefit from the AIU experience.
Many students with financial need enroll at AIU. Even if they receive financial aid, they often must juggle multiple jobs, heavy academic loads and all-important internships to reach graduation.  Additional scholarships and financial aid will enable students with financial need to focus on their primary job — getting a great education.

Repaying college loans is often a significant challenge for AIU graduates. Many AIU students accrue tens of thousands of shillings of debt. Repayment will begin at the very time they are establishing their careers and families and often stretches far into the future. High loan burdens affect the types of jobs graduates can pursue. Excessive debt also limits their options to pursue advanced degrees. Additional scholarships and financial aid will mean that AIU graduates will have more career and personal options.

Scholarships help AIU meet heightened competition for outstanding students. They help to attract the brightest, most talented, most creative and most deserving applicants, thus enhancing AIU’s reputation and elevating the intellectual climate on campus.

Need-based Scholarships
Educational affordability is a crucial issue at both private and public universities across the nation. AIU must increase resources for NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS that will keep the University's doors open to the most deserving students, regardless of family income.
 Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships
GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS AND ASSISTANTSHIPS are vital in strengthening master's and doctoral programs and in enhancing the University's reputation. Fellowships provide tuition support for study at the graduate level as well as a stipend. Graduate assistantships provide tuition assistance and stipends, and also involve research or teaching responsibilities or other work within an academic department.

Capital Projects

(View master plan)

Creating an optimal campus environment is a central element in AIU’s strategy to become recognized as a truly great international university.  Philanthropic support is sought for several key projects, including:

1. The construction of the state of the art Leah Ngini community and students Centre ( View design )

2. Comprehensive new facility for the school of Business and Economics
AIU’s School of Business and Economics will offer a world-class education right here in Africa.  Its greatest roadblock is the lack of a world-class business center, one that will be truly transformative for AIU. New facilities are imperative if the school is to grow into all that it can become.
Consequently, the University intends to construct the AIU business Village, including state-of-the-art technological, incubation and teaching spaces.

3. An improved sporting facility

In recent years, athletics has helped expand the reach and recognition of the University.  Consequently, AIU has made the commitment to perform at the highest level possible and must maintain competitiveness. To bring all athletic facilities to the highest standards, AIU intends to extensively renovate our current pitch to an impressive size for proper usage.

Academic Initiatives

To further build academic quality and reputation, AIU must strengthen targeted programs: