Why does AIU need private support?
Since AIU is an independent university, strong support from alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations is vital. Public universities are supported with tax money, while private universities depend more heavily on tuition and private gift support. Only about 70 percent of the true cost of a AIU education is paid by the student. The rest comes from other sources, including philanthropy and income from the endowment.

How does AIU choose its fund-raising priorities?
Projects are determined through a strategic planning process and are generally based on AIU's Academic Plan and Facilities within the Master Plan. Following the strategic planning process, the Governing Council sets the priorities for academic projects to be funded. Once approved by the GC and the Management Board, projects are sent to the University Partnership Office to assess possibilities for matching projects with potential donors.

Where did AIU’s philanthropic cash go last year?
During fiscal year 2012, Ksh. 26,690,000 was contributed by alumni, parents and friends, with the majority going toward student scholarships.