Dean's Message

Why Enrol for School of Business and Economics Academic Programs

SBE programs are approved by Commission for University Education. Prof. Beatrice Warue is the Dean, SBE:She is widely published and well-grounded professor of business disciplines. She is a reliable mentor and experienced academic advisor

  • Diploma Certificate awarded is nationally recognized as Kenya Institute of curriculum Development (KICD) curriculum is adopted.
  • Life skills tutorials are offered to equip the students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that empower him/her to face challenges posed by their physiological, psychological, social and economic circumstances. It will enable the student take responsibility for their individual actions.
  • Students take practical work exposure through Practicum/ apprenticeship/internship to prepare them for world of work
  • Students take research projects to enable them contribute to the society and create new knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial practical skills and knowledge inculcated in our programs prepare graduates to self-employment and white collar job. The students learn how to be more creative, to recognize and generate innovation in all their firms, to understand the ecosystems and value chain of industries in order to identify opportunities for new business or products.
  • The school has a professional, approachable, skilled and highly qualified faculty to guide and help you achieve your academic career paths and life goals
  • Youth Mentorship Programs are domicile in SBE. You are assured of meeting professional mentors to walk with you through challenges of life
  • Information technology (IT) students are creative and innovative in soft engineering and networking engineering projects
  • You will meet enthusiastic business students with diverse talents and skill show cased in various forums
  • SBE students practice cohesion and peaceful co-existence among students community comprising over 32 countries represented in AIU. This promotes culture of tolerance and accommodative character in any society they find themselves in.
  • SBE integrates Christian faith with learning. This develops student abilities and character holistically. This enables students bears witness to the Kingdom of God with emphasis on transforming their professions