The School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences (SEAS) affirms the mission, vision and training philosophy of AIU in its commitment to scholarship, research, teaching, faithfulness to the evangelical faith and tradition, and its desire to produce men and women who can transform the landscape of education in Africa and beyond within a Christian framework. In a rapidly expanding field, students should be able at the appropriate levels, to understand and critique the broader issues and policies that inform and affect educational research, planning and implementation in various contexts with the view of transforming those contexts according to the agenda of God

The School currently hosts four (4) great departments namely:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Development Studies and Languages
  • Linguistics and Translation Studies.

Each of these departments are professionally designed to meet specific market needs and students are intentionally mentored to acquire competencies to fit into the job market, to create jobs and to dynamically transform society. I therefore invite you to read more about each department and program, to select a program of your interest and to give us an un-regrettable lifetime opportunity to develop you for success in your diverse spheres of influence.