PhD inter-religious

This programme was driven by a growing need to prepare Christian practitioners, teachers, scholars, and researchers for public and private institutions of higher learning and research in the area of world religions and interreligious relations.

The goal of the programme is to equip the students so that they are able to help local, regional, or even international Christian practitioners and institutional teachers with theories and practices from current knowledge and research in world religions and interreligious affairs. They will also be able to provide guidelines for critical issues and conflicts between different faith-based communities. Currently the programme has a concentration in Islamic studies.




Core seminars

All students in both concentrations are required to take the following seminars.

IR 900             

Interreligious Stuies Research Methodology 

3 hours

IR 901

Ethnographic Research Methods                                 

3 hours

IR 902            

Anthropological Issues In Studying Religions

3 hours

Concentration seminars

Students should take three seminars according to their concentration as listed in each concentration section. These seminars are designed to equip the students to understand and deal with PhD level academic issues and debates that are related to their research concerns in relevant academia. 

IM 901

Islamic Issues In Africa           

3 hours

IM 902           

History Of Christian-Muslim Relations 

3 hours

IM 903

Comparative Study Of Biblical And Quranic Views Of God   

3 hours

IM 904

Islamic Theology And Thought           

3 hours

IM 905

Islamic Mysticism: Sufism                                         

3 hours

Comparative Study of Religion

CR 901

History And Philosopy Of World Religions                            

3 hours

CR 902

Religion, Culture And Society                           

3 hours

CR 903

Seminar For A Special Topic  (Phenomenological study of a specific religion of the student’s choice)

3 hours

IR 991-9


3hours each