Types of AIU Scholarships

Designated funds

These funds are allocated as per the specific instructions by the donor (s) in addition to the general eligibility requirements for all AIU scholarships in 4 above.

Work Scholarship

The purpose of AIU work scholarship is to enable students meet part of their tuition and academic related fees by working on jobs assigned to them. Beneficiaries are evaluated per semester according to approved criteria tools.

The underpinning values of the work scholarship are:


Academic Honour (Merit) Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to promote academic excellence.


Teaching and Research Fellowships:

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support for the doctoral students and to help them gain professional experience as well as to promote teaching and research in the University.


Student Activities Scholarship.

Purpose: This is a scholarship aimed at promoting exceptional talents in various student activities with the aim of developing a holistic student as well as marketing AIU to the outside world. This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding performance in various activities such as chapel and spiritual formation, sports, music, drama, etc.


Special Scholarship.

Hardship Scholarship.