Master of Arts in Translation Studies

The Languages, Linguistics, and Translation Department of the School of Education, Arts, and Social Sciences (SEAS) of Africa International University (AIU) offers a MA in Translation Studies as a two-year program with two possible tracks:

Note on eligibility for admission: It is assumed that applicants will have a BA in translations studies, linguistics, or some other related field, and that they will therefore have taken some introductory courses at BA level. Applicants who have not taken relevant BA level courses may be required to take introductory courses in addition to the regular MA courses, as follows:

Structure of the MA programs: 

Description Distribution of Units
An MA comprises 54 semester credits
Of these 6 credits are Thesis credits
The remaining 48 credits are distributed in 16 courses of 3 credits each
Of the 16 courses two are courses required of all MA students, regardless of their program
Of the remaining 14 courses some are “core”, required of all students in the program, some are required for a particular concentration, and some are electives.

MA in Translation Studies

Applicants who have not had the equivalent of the following 4 courses at BA level may be required to take them in addition to the 16 courses required for the MA (making a total of 20 courses).

Also recommended but not required is the following:

The following courses are required of all students in both concentrations:

The following two courses are required of all MA students of the university:

The courses for the concentrations are as follows:

MA in Translation Studies, General

All general translation students take the following four courses:

General translation students choose four from the following courses:

MA in Translation Studies-Bible Translation

All students in the Bible Translation concentration take at least two of the following courses:

All students in the Bible Translation concentration take the following courses taught by the Biblical Studies

+ 4 courses in either Greek or Hebrew*

*If the student has already taken Greek or Hebrew, other courses may be substituted.

Students in both concentrations are required to write an MA thesis