Africa International University is a private Chartered International Christian University with its main Campus located in Karen, Nairobi. Our Mission is to educate Christ centred leaders for the transformation of God’s people and the world through innovative programs, research and community engagement.

HEAt exposuRe impacts on maTernal and Neonatal Health (HEARTH) Kenya Project is a collaboration between AIU and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), funded by Medical Research Fund (MRF) under the Climate Impacts Call ( The Project domiciled in the Environmental Health And Governance Centre (EHAG), at the school of business is a 3-year project in Kilifi, Kenya. We invite qualified candidates who are driven by research excellence in climate and health to apply for the following positions: 


They will be recruited locally from the communities where women live to help with diaries and weighing of babies. The volunteers must be residents of Kilifi or people with strong ties to the local area.

Requirement for Appointment:

  1. Must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  2. Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills to effectively convey information.
  3. Be able to speak the local language(s) fluently and communicate with diverse community members.
  4. Be willing to volunteer time and effort for the benefit of the community.
  5. Must have high ethical standards and integrity in handling sensitive health information.
  6. Must uphold confidentiality and build trust within the community.
  7. Must be dependable and consistent in performing volunteer duties.
  8. Must be time conscious and adhere to agreed schedules and responsibilities.
  9. Must have respect for local customs, traditions, and beliefs, and be able to work effectively within the cultural context of the community.
  10. Be willing to travel within the community to reach different households and individuals.

How to Apply

Applications should be emailed to Attach a cover letter, detailed resume, and duly filled job application form. The deadline for application is 14th June 2024 5.00 p.m.