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Sport embraces all ages, all economic brackets and both sexes. Sport is a force for unity and a builder of our university pride. Sport is a key to our future as it enhances the health of any society (better fitness, self-esteem, confidence achievement in school), providing them with positive alternatives in their daily lives.
Benefits of sport:
  • Sport and physical activity are important components of healthy living: Longer life, higher resistance to diseases, and improved physical functioning
  • Sport also acts as “preventive medicine” and reduces health care costs. Sport contributes to healthy communities and development …
  • As a major contributor to community social life, sport is an important part of our culture, traditions and identity
  • Community sport is second only to the family in potential to transmit values to individuals
  • Participation in sport and recreation develops self-esteem, self-discipline and responsibility among individuals; sport encourages a positive identity.
So far as a university, we have seen tremendous growth and expansion of sports including the gym facility donated by a well-wisher, donation of funds for equipping our football field by Christ is the Answer Ministries and so forth. It is with lots of gratitude that we appreciate such donors for being a part of improving the sports facility in our campus. It has made it easy for the students, through the Sports Coordinator, to express their views on better ways of developing sports.

This has greatly boosted the students’ participation in various games as they exercise their talents and abilities. The university can now take part in and facilitate many indoor and outdoor games. We have a well-equipped football team, volleyball team (both men and ladies),Table Tennis, chess, darts, badminton and drought players even as we trust God to introduce more sporting activities

I greatly acknowledge the students together with the administration for their great support to ensure Sports and entertainment in AIU goes to another level. Students’ participatory spirit in the inter-varsity competition and even internally, is very encouraging. Though there is great need for a fully equipped sports facility and infrastructure improvement, I ascertain that the students have greatly maximized the few resources the school has been able to provide.

Looking at the commitment the university, donors and the well-wishers have shown in the current days and the support, I can attest we are headed for greatness. I greatly appreciate the support I as the Sports and Entertainment Coordinator has received, and I still request for more support in whatsoever manner that will ensure a sporting society is developed within AIU. You can help enormously!!
Sports & Recreation Coordinator


The sport helps students to experience and improve. their skills, and this helps them in development of interpersonal and time management skills.

Inter-School Sports

The office of the Students Affairs under the Dean of Students in collaboration with the Student Council and the Sports & Recreational Committee.


Game that entails a lot of fun.

The AIU netball team comprises of about 20 players who are driven by the Christian foundation at Africa International University.


This is a scholarship aimed at promoting exceptional talents in various student activities with the aim of developing a wholistic student as well as marketing AIU to the outside world. This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding performance in various activities such as chapel and spiritual formation, sports, music, drama, etc.

General Guidelines
Continuing students must demonstrate outstanding performance in their area either as individuals or teams as determined by the evaluating body and approved by the scholarship committee. For continuing students, the committee will award 10% of tuition fee to the most talented student; 15 % fee waiver to individual or teams that represent the university at regional level; 20% to teams or individuals who represent the university at national level and 30% to teams or individuals who represent the university at international level such as All Africa University Games and International University Sports Federation. AIU will seek to recruit exceptionally talented students by offering this scholarship; such students will be awarded a 75% of the tuition fees for the first semester, upon meeting the admission criteria.

The AIU student recruitment team will search and tap talents straight from the high school, to identify the talented students and follow them up in their schools to make them an offer for student activities scholarships.
The shortlisted prospective student will be forwarded to the scholarship committee by the Admission office for consideration, with the necessary documentation.

A sporting community is a healthy community and a healthy community is a productive community.