Data Science Training

Become a job-ready Data Scientist for free with 12 weeks of intensive online training from 10 Academy, a not-for-profit initiative.

Responding to the impact of CoronaVirus on higher education in Africa,10academy/ is launching a special online-only training course starting in July 2020 – training is free. Trainees from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Rwanda that have completed their undergraduate studies in 2019 or 2020 (or will complete in 2020) will receive 12 weeks of online training providing them with the full range of competencies required to become a job ready data scientist.

This competitive program will match top performers with employers looking to hire for real jobs. All trainees will receive training in career pathways including freelancing. While we aim to make all participants job-ready, jobs are not guaranteed.

Trainees will become capable in the following areas
  • Python & SQL programming
  • Statistics
  • Data acquisition and cleaning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data analysis and value extraction – Descriptive, Diagnostic and Predictive
  • Data visualization
  • Launching and maintaining a production environment
  • Using data science to answer business questions
  • Launching your career and becoming a 10x contributor
Unique Value Proposition

The core aspect of 10 Academy is the ability to identify exceptionally talented young Africans and provide them with the necessary support, training, and connections to take up a job with outsized impact. The unique value proposition for trainees is called the 6C model.

  • Connections – to real jobs for top performers and all trainees provided with resources to enable them to find jobs or freelancing gigs.
  • Curated Content – All trainees have access to vetted content that has been verified by experts and which can be accessed without payment.
  • Community – Fellow trainees, experts and tutors create a community. 10 Academy staff act as curators and conveners. Culture and inspiration to be built, including through guest lectures from leaders in the field.
  • Certification – All trainees that complete the course will receive certification of what was completed, and assignments designed to create a shareable portfolio to demonstrate expertise.
  • Completeness – All trainees that complete the course secure and can demonstrate the complete range of skills needed for real data science jobs being hired for.
  • Cost – Training is free. Trainees that match into a paying job through 10 Academy that earn above a minimum salary will be asked to make a contribution to the program to allow the program to grow
  • Have completed their undergraduate degree in 2019 or 2020, or expect to complete in 2020
  • Hold a passport from Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria or Rwanda
  • Be comfortable with the fundamentals of Python, SQL, statistics and linear algebra
  • Have their own laptop and can fund ca. 10GB of data/month for the program period
What to do next

Applications are open until 23h59 GMT on 21 June 2020. Navigate to Click here to apply

Key dates

21 June 2020 - Applications close

23 June 2020 – Technical test

29 June 2020 – Pre-assessment week

9 July 2020 – Final decisions

13 July – 9 October 2020 – Training period

Please share with those that you believe would meet this criteria and contact with any questions.