Student affairs staff

Student affairs staff

The Office is responsible for student welfare including housing, benevolence and scholarship matters.

The staff provides leadership oversight to all the social activities of the students such as clubs and associations, sports and recreation like games, entertainment, drama, talent show, music etc.

Student affairs department is a segment of the University’s administration that works with the following staff who provide variety of services to student in an efficient manner. The staff maintains an open door policy for all students to address any concerns they may have on services provided and/ or clarification of university policies. The staff are:

Dr. Florence Mungathia Dean of Students The Dean of Students office exist as the liaison between the University leadership and the students in the area of physical, emotional, social welfare and development of the students. The officer provides leadership oversight of the department and is also the Student Council advisor.

Email: Florence.Mungathia

Sylvia Ndumi Assistant Dean of Students

Email: Sylvia Ndumi

David Kibet Maccan Sports and Recreation Officer

Email: Sports Officer