ICT Services

User Account

Student accounts are to be used to access all the services within the university, such as: WIFI, student portal, E-Learning platform, E-mail account,Library services and Logging into the University computers.Please read our Network Use Agreement

Internet Access

Internet can be acess through two ways: One through the university computers and two through WIFI using a personal Laptop (for the laptop to access WIFI ensure you pass via the ICT office for configuration).

Self-Help Guides

For faculty,staff and students you can access most AIU services online. These are step-by-Step guides on how to access all this services: Self help guide to accessing online services

How to Print

Printing services charged to the student account are provide in the ICT LAB and the library using the university computers or personal laptop. There are other printing stations at the Sacco shop and the Student center .

Microsoft Office 365

Provides access to emails and a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, to installing visit the ICT office for assistance. Emails can be accessed via the website or email app and Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile Access Emails

Anti-virus Software

It is a requirement for any user to have an up-to-date antivirus software so as to have acces to the campus network. We provide free version of Avast antivirus for students and staff.

Computer LABS

Use is restricted to those abiding by the set regulations, and is limited to the installed software and services assigned to a user. LABS hours are Mon to Fri: 8:00AM-11:00PM, Sat: 8:00AM-8:00PM, Sun & holidays closed

IT Training Courses

Trainings on information Services are provided when need arises for staff and students of the University, at no cost.Any scheduled training will be communicated to all via the assigned university email account.