What drives us

AIU was established with a vision to educate Christ-centered leaders in Africa who will then transform God’s people and the world.

This vision has been the compass that guides every step taken by the administration, faculty, staff and students ever since the school was established in 1983. Formerly created to be a graduate school of theology, AIU has now grown its scope to incorporate other disciplines in a bid to integrate faith with learning.

Competitive educational, social sciences, business, economics and IT courses are now on offer, and this is just the start. This move, coupled with the advantage of a rich cultural diversity representative of more than 35 nationalities from five continents, is sure recipe to catalyze a ripple effect that will send out Christ centered professionals to every sector of every nation.

What is happening at AIU can be compared to yeast action. Yeast works itself through dough to cause a foaming, a bubbling and a rising that affects the entire dough. Jesus used the same example in Luke 13:20-21, to illustrate how the kingdom of God propagates itself. ‘And again he said, “To what shall I compare the kingdom of God? It is like yeast that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, until it was all leavened”’.  By this, he meant that one only needs to sow an effort of faithfulness in order to produce a spontaneous increase in God’s kingdom.

 Well, it’s happening! The leavening is evident, and that is what drives us. When you have a dream and you get to a point where you are living it, that reality pushes you to dream even bigger. Sample for instance some of the great leaders that have passed through AIU: Oscar Muriu of Nairobi Chapel, Ken Kimiywe of CITAM, Pastor Esther Obasiike of Redeemed Gospel Church, to name but a few. Yet how many more are out there? Myriads of them are rising each day.

The voices formed at AIU are already echoing through the pulpits, open grounds, conferences, seminars, homes, Bible-studies, corporate settings and in the media waves, paving way for the light of the gospel, bringing hope and meaning to a darkened world, exemplifying character that brings about change and building up many more transformative leaders.

Come and join the movement. Be part of the change!