Choosing your program


The leading objective in education is to equip one to serve well, nay,

... to give one's best.

Perhaps the question is not what you would like to do, but how you would like to serve.


There are many life-giving activities you can get involved in, and many of them require some level of information and skill.

...give your best.

AIU is prepared to get you to a level where you can...


Life-giving activities aim to build, not to bring down. They aim to grow and thrive, not to retard and convolute.

a legacy.

The communities you serve have to feel the positive impact of your presence...


Your heart has to be intertwined with your desired life calling or vocation...


...such that you seek the highest excellences in the pursuit of information and wisdom.


So what should you choose as your career? Is there a specific answer or formula? Does my passion about a certain activity count?

Will you Serve?

Yes, maybe. But one question will always reverberate.


Learn the way of Christ-centered leaders

The Servant King

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who pattern after their master: