The Tony Wilmot Memorial Library

Recruitment of Knowledge Ambassadors

The collections in the library include books, current journals, and back files of journals, audio/visual aids, and digital media. We also provide access to online journals,books and other resources.

Our mandate is to serve the AIU community and the larger community context that we find ourselves in. Currently occupying the ground floor and part of the 1st floor of the library building, there is adequate space for reading and safe keeping of information resources. With a qualified and experienced staff, the library is committed to offering professional service that will make it continue to be the focal point for information seekers.

Some of Our Services

The AIU library staff led by the University librarian is committed to serving you at all times to the use of the available information resources. Technical Services (Information processing) include Acquisition, Cataloging and Classification services.

  • Acquisition: This service is responsible for acquiring information materials through purchase, exchange and gift methods.
  • Cataloging and Classification: The cataloging and classification sections are charged with the responsibility of organizing the entire library collection to facilitate easy location and quick retrieval of information. The library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification Scheme
  • User Services: These involves interacting directly with the users, through enabling access to the collection via Readers services, Reprographic services, Online Public Access Catalog, Circulation Services, Reference and referral, Reprographic, Current Awareness, Binding and Inter-Library

Library Membership

Membership is open to all registered students at AIU, Faculty and staff. Alumni are allowed to use the information material free of charge within the library but if they need to borrow they can register at a subsidized annual fee of Sh. 1000. External membership one needs to get our membership recommendation form filled, passport size photograph after clearance by librarian. An annual fee of Sh. 2000 is charged, membership Ceases once one ceases to be a member of the University or one year after registration as an external user.

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