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The Tony Wilmot Memorial Library

The Tony Wilmot Memorial Library is named after NEGST’s first Principal, Anthony Talbot de Burgh Wilmot. The collection consists of about 61,000 items. These include books, periodicals, Audio-Visuals, Maps, Pamphlets, CD ROMs and Online databases. It is one of the leading theological libraries in Africa. The library services are available to students, faculty, staff, Alumni and external researchers from other institutions and churches.


A leading resource center in provision and dissemination of information resources for learning and research. 

Library values at the heart of its service


We treat everyone with equal consideration and courtesy. We encourage differences in perspective and maintain openness to new ideas. We engage others with compassion, empathy and tolerance.

Library values at the heart of its service

Creativity and Flexibility

we meet the changing needs of the library and its users by developing innovative solutions, practices, and services in an environment that supports flexibility, collaboration, and an openness to new ideas and practices, and forward thinking

Library Objectives

  • To equip the university community with information skills by developing and implementing information literacy
  • User education programs and participating in teaching of courses to facilitate effective exploitation of information resources and develop critical thinking.
  • To support the research, teaching, learning and administrative activities of the University; by selecting, organizing, maintaining and providing access to high-quality information resources of diverse formats within and without the university.
  • To provide an appropriate and conducive environment, and facilities for the use of Library resources, and for individual and group study.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday08:00 - 23:00
Saturday09:00 - 17:00
Public HolidaysClosed

Library Regulations

  • Borrowing: Except for the reference and Special Collections, all other books can be checked out, issuing of books stops 15 minutes before closing.
  • Library information materials are issued to clientele only who have their identification card.
  • The library clientele in whose name a library information material is issued is charged with responsibility of securing and returning the items to the Library.
  • Loan Period: Faculty, PhD students, MTH students – 15 books for one Month
  • Masters Students ten books for two weeks, Undergraduates five books for two weeks, Alumni five books for two weeks, AIU Staff five books for two weeks, External members three for two weeks.
  • Renewals are not permitted if the information material has been placed on hold (reserved), for the Extension students and external members’ renewals can be done once in absentia through email and phone.
  • Reserved information materials may be checked out 30 minutes before closing time for overnight use. They must be returned at 8.00 am the following day (assuming the library is operating).

Clientele Conduct

  • Silence should be strictly observed as this disturbs other users. Food, drinks, any other materials that might damage library materials should not be allowed into the library.
  • Personal effects/bags should be left at the baggage area with the security personnel immediately after the main entrance.
  • No part of a book, journal, or newspaper should be removed as this will accrue heavy penalties.
  • Any Clientele who breaches the library rules and regulations runs a risk of being suspended by the University librarian from using the Library.

Fines and Library Materials damage

  • A user who fails to return or renew long-loan term information material is charged an overdue fee of five shillings per information material per day.
  • A user who fails to return a Reserve book at expected time shall be charged a fine of sh. 10 per material per hour.
  • Total maximum fine allowed is sh. 200, beyond which borrowing rights are withdrawn.
  • A borrower who damages or loses library information materials will be required to pay the current market price for the information material, shipping cost and 10% administrative charges.
  • Borrowers are expected to take full responsibility of information materials under their names or else, they will be liable for the loss or damage.

Library Services

The AIU library staffs led by the University librarian are committed to serving you at all time to the use of the available information resources. Technical Services (Information processing) These include Acquisition, Cataloging and classification services.


This service is responsible for acquiring information materials through purchase, exchange and gift methods

Cataloging and Classification

The cataloging and classification sections are charged with the responsibility of organizing the entire library collection to facilitate easy location and quick retrieval of information. The library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification Scheme.

User Services

  • These involves interacting directly with the users, through enabling access to the collection via Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), Readers services, Circulation services, Reference and Referral services, Reprographic services, Current Awareness Services, Binding services, Inter-library the Circulation Services
  • The circulation desk is charged with the responsibility of charging and discharging library information materials. Services and Audio-Visual services.

Reference and referral

The reference services are provided to assist users to access the information or sources which contain information of interest to them, the library is rich with authoritative, up-to-date reference materials


This service is offered for users who need to make photocopies from reference books, reserve books and journal articles by booking with the circulation desk.

Current Awareness

All new materials to the library are displayed for one week and all community members notified via email.


The library does spiral binding in the evenings and is able to connect clients with external permanent binders.

Inter library

The information materials not available can be obtained from other libraries through inter-library loan service.

Audio Visual

The library houses several audio-visual equipment and information materials on different subjects of study, they are used within the library only.