Frequently asked questions.

How can I access Wi-Fi in the library?

In order to utilize the Wi-Fi service within the library, individuals need to authenticate themselves by logging in with the same credentials they use for accessing their student portal. For users who are using the Wi-Fi for the first time, the ICT staff will assist in configuring their laptops.

Are Electronic Books and Journals accessible off-campus?

Yes. Under the Library page select the link under Off Campus access. 

What’s the process & requirement for registering with the library in order to start using the library services?

Once you have been assigned a user account by the ICT office as a new student, you will automatically gain access to the Library services website. To access the Library services website such as online catalog and eBooks , simply log in using your student number and password.

Can I renew a book when off campus?

To renew a book, please log into your account and select the “Renew” option. Kindly note that each book can only be renewed once through your account.