Alumni Office

Alumni Office exists to build lifelong relations with Africa International University (AIU) (formerly, NEGST) alumni who are already serving in different parts of the world. The office strengthens alumni engagement to the university, organizes networking opportunities that foster alumni connectedness, and offers opportunities for alumni to mentor and provide intern opportunities to Africa International University students. We believe that strong alumni engagement offers a great potential and opportunity for the university to grow and realize its vision. Alumni Office regularly communicates to the Alumni on new programs, university projects, career/ministry opportunities, publication opportunities, Public lectures and conferences, reunions, and other upcoming events. Ensure you don’t miss out on any of the programs, updates, and activities.

AIU Alumni Office and Association seeks to

  • Build lifelong relationship with Africa International University Alumni.
  • Strengthen Alumni engagement to the university and to one another.
  • Organize networking opportunities that foster Alumni connectedness.
  • Offer a platform for alumni to mentor and provide internship opportunities to Africa International University students.
  • Serve as a link between the university and all Africa International University/NEGST Alumni

Purpose of the launch

  • Praying for AIU- Kindly drop an email to Alumni Office for specific prayer points.
  • Recruiting a student- Many of our alumni have in the past referred students to AIU for studies.
  • Mentor students and/or provide internship opportunities in your churches and organizations.
  • Volunteer/ participate in the Reunion planning/ mobilization or in leading Alumni Chapters