Message from the Chair

Welcome to the AIU Alumni webpage. Apart from regular email communication from the Alumni Office, this is where you find regular updates on new programs, activities, reunions, and upcoming events that are of interest to AIU Alumni. The purpose of the AIU Alumni Association is to provide a platform for exchange of views and to attend to needs among the Alumni themselves and between the Alumni and the university.
Through the Alumni Office, the association disseminates information among its members for the sake of praying for, encouraging, and connecting to one another. The Association seeks to ensure that AIU Alumni continue to maintain a close relationship with the university and be able to partner in the development of the university. Since the inception of AIU in the year 1983 as NEGST, the university has continued in its commitment to train Christ-centered leaders who have greatly impacted the church and the world for God’s cause. This has been largely achieved through development of relevant and quality programs, ministry-engagement, integration of faith and learning, as well as emphasis on character formation and development.
Many of AIU Alumni are placed in strategic leadership positions and are providing Christ-centered leadership in churches, parachurch organizations, military, educational institutions, media, public service sector, corporate world, and in political arenas. They are distinguished by their godly integrity, excellence, professional ethics, and Christ-centered leadership. Every year students join this great university from all over the world; and currently over 40 nations are represented. But also every year the university graduates’ students who join ranks with the rest of AIU Alumni bringing Christ-centered transformation to different parts of the world.
Currently the Association is rallying the Alumni to participate in the “COMING TO AIU” book. A compilation of stories of Alumni highlighting key experiences and testimonials while at AIU. A project that will connect alumni with their alma matter. We are also working on forming Alumni Chapters in order to foster continuing lifelong relationship between the university and all its alumni and between alumni themselves. Formation of these chapters will offer members an opportunity to remain connected to the university and to each other and participate in student recruitment. On this we appeal for Alumni to consider volunteering as leaders to coordinate Alumni Chapters in their respective regions or chapters.
As the Alumni Association, we appeal to all Alumni to plug in to the association. Own the vision and mission and embark on a journey of re-setting, re-engaging, re-connecting, re-vitalizing, and recommissioning . We welcome you to visit this site frequently for news and updates.