The Corporate Governance Centre (CGC)

Good Leadership and Governance for Prosperity

Corporate governance is widely defined as a set of processes, principles and values that guide the way an organization is managed and controlled with the goal of ensuring that it is well-directed and managed in the best interests of stakeholders. The Corporate Governance Centre (CGC) aims at fostering the critical understanding of the concepts, issues, and practices in the governance structures of modern corporations to provide commensurate support through capacity building, research and consultancy services. The CGC was established to provide a conducive learning environment for understanding corporate governance concepts, trends and best practices within corporations. In addition, other areas of focus will include enterprise risk management, talent acquisition, and management within corporates and issues of compliance.

The CGC will contribute to the promotion and facilitation of best practices in corporate governance. It will provide practical and interactive high-impact training programs for corporate, and political leaders, academicians, regulators, managers, administrators, and policy leaders to enable in-depth conceptualization of corporate governance. The Centre is envisaged to equip leaders with both conceptual and technical skills necessary for inculcating responsible business and ethical practices, supporting probity and anti-corruption practices in the social and business environments.

The center focuses on strengthening effective corporate governance and leadership practices in corporations, local authorities, and small and medium enterprises to strengthen governance and effective management practices. This will enhance prospects of attaining sustainable wealth creation, generation of more employment opportunities, and the provision of enhanced security through the involvement and participation of the citizenry in the development process.

The center will design programs to support professionals and managers in achieving higher goals in their areas of work such as serving as executives board members and other functions that require high level skills in delivering their mandates including stakeholder engagement. This will result in effective and efficient high performing entities.

Team Members

Prof. Joseph Kiplang’at
Prof. Joseph Kiplang'at
Professor of Library & Information Sciences

Prof. Beatrice Warue
Professor of Business Administration and Management
Mr. Jared Maranga
Expert in Information Technology Security and Audit