Research Policies

For good performance in research, it requires an engagement in which all the schools and departments in the university are involved. Schools of AIU are committed to working with the Institute for the Study of African Realities (ISAR) in all matters pertaining to research and in promoting high ethical principles with the help of the Institutional Ethical Review Committee (IERC).

All the research activities are guided and monitored through guidelines that ensure protection against violations of human and animal rights and mismanagement of data whether intentionally or unintentionally. All the research work done in the university or in collaboration with other institutions is expected to observe high standards in terms of ethics and integrity. There should be no discrimination whatsoever in terms of gender, political affiliations or ethnic group.

In order to attune ourselves with the vision of AIU which aims at “Christ-centred leaders in Africa educated to transform God’s people and the world”,  the university has come up with policies that outline different crimes or felonious acts and how they are addressed. Among others, there is provision for anti-intellectual property violation, plagiarism, research misconduct, and abuse of confidentiality.

These policies as given hereunder are subjected to thorough review from time to time and are approved by the university council.

Standard Operations Procedures