The Leadership and Governance Consultancy Center (LGCC)

Good Leadership and Governance for Prosperity

Leadership and Governance Consultancy Center

The Leadership and Governance Consultancy Center (LGCC) provides training and community engagement opportunities for experts, faculty, and students in matters relating to leadership and Governance, policy and corporate governance training, and public management. The centre builds communities’ confidence to express dissatisfaction and promote intolerance against selfish political influence, negative ethnicity, lack of patriotism, and social inequality. The major events under the auspices of the Hub’s Leadership and Public Governance Centre was a webinar on Transforming the Marketplace through Godly Leadership and Governance Engagement featuring Pastor Dr Esther Obasi-ike, Senior Pastor Redeemed Christian Church of God held on 21st October 2022. This event attracted 100 participants from many sectors including the media. On 28 January to 1 February 2023; the Centre organized a training on Emotional Intelligence in Leadership held in Maanzoni, Machakos County bringing together 25 participants from Cooperative Bank of Kenya Managers, Kenya Parliamentary Service Commission Administrators, and senior Administrators of Africa International University. Again, the Centre Organized a similar training for 25 participants, which included 21 managers of World Vision- Kenya at the Leadership Training Center of Kenya Commercial Bank in Karen, Nairobi from 17th April 2023 to 21st April 2023. The public policy and consultancy component of the Center envisages the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship, fostering collaboration in the following areas:

  1. Research Development and Partnership: Joint research projects and initiatives to address pressing societal issues.
  2. Training and Capacity Building: This includes capacity building in both the public and private sectors and professional development.
  3. Consultancy and resource mobilization: This includes expert advice, problem-solving, and an objective perspective for both parties. Also securing funding from various sources, such as donors, investors, or government grants is a crucial aspect to consider.
  4. Research Grants: Write research grants together to enhance the effectiveness of our respective programs and financially support students in the School of Business and Economics and schools within the university to complete their studies within the required period of study.

The Center also embodies a corporate governance component that focuses on strengthening effective corporate governance and leadership practices in corporations, local authorities, and small and medium enterprises to strengthen governance and effective management practices. This is aimed at enhancing prospects of attaining sustainable wealth creation, generation of more employment opportunities, and the provision of enhanced security through the involvement and participation of the citizenry in the development process. Given this focus, the Center designs programs to support professionals and managers in achieving higher goals in their areas of work such as serving as executives, board members, and other functions that require high-level skills in delivering their mandates including stakeholder engagement.

Team Members

Dr. Edward N. Kobuthi
Expert in Strategy & Corporate Governance
Dr. Godfrey Mwamba
Expert in Leadership & Strategy
Mr. Solomon Obange
Hub Consultant
Rose Njage
Research Officer

Upcoming Events

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