The Environmental Health and Governance (EHAG) Centre

Good Leadership and Governance for Prosperity

At the EHAG Centre, we recognize the fundamental contribution and influence of environmental health to maintaining and improving public health. The wider physical, social-cultural and ecological environment affects the population’s health in varied ways.  We aim to collaborate with other universities, government ministries, policymakers, and local communities to conduct robust research that examines the broader environmental determinants of health to guide policy at micro and macro levels.   We are in the process of implementing projects that examine extreme heat exposure and health in Kenya. We are also looking at the interventions to reduce indoor air pollutants to improve maternal, neonatal and children’s health and educational outcomes. Environmental governance is at the Centre of our activities, and we are devising approaches to good environmental governance at the community level by engaging local stakeholders and creating awareness through training communities’ local communities.  The passion for training young scientists to make meaningful contributions to their environment is at the heart of our activities. The Centre is working with World Resources Institute, known for advocacy and community education. We are committed to tackling climate change and reducing our carbon emissions. We will offer workshops on how communities can contribute to the global strategy of reducing emissions.

Collaborations: We are happy to collaborate with local NGOs, universities and international partners for joint work through training and grant applications. If you are interested, contact the director of the HUB.

Team Members

Dr. Joash W. Mutua
Dr. Joash Mutua
Expert in Public Health & Psychology
Dr. Niceta Ireri
Dr. Niceta Ireri
Expert in Clinical Psychology
Gershon Mwakazi Mjomba
AIU PhD Research Student on Climate Change Supervised by Adelaide Lusambili (PhD)


Adelaide Lusambili (PhD, MA, MSW/MHealth)
Associate professor.

Health Research Scientist
Lead: Hub Environmental Health & Governance Centre


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Official Line: +254 794 479 398
Main Contact Person: +254 721 607 317