Celebration of selfless service

As we reflect on the words of Winston Churchill, “A society that fails to honor its heroes will soon have no heroes to honor,” we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and appreciating those who have dedicated themselves to serving others.

The AIU community, under the leadership of AIU Chancellor Rev. Dr. Master Matlhaope and University Council Chair Dr. Nelson Kuria, came together to express heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dankit Nassiuma for his exemplary service as the AIU Vice Chancellor. This recognition took place during the installation ceremony of Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda on February 14, 2024, and continued at the AIU governance retreat.

Prof. Dankit Nassiuma, who served as Vice Chancellor from 2012 to 2023, left a great mark on AIU with his unwavering dedication and composed demeanor. Throughout his term, he demonstrated a steadfast commitment to AIU’s Christian values, ensuring they remained at the core of the institution without compromise. His diligent efforts were evident in the establishment of robust systems and structures that facilitated the delivery of academic excellence.

Moreover, Prof. Nassiuma made significant strides towards ensuring the financial sustainability of AIU while also extending its reach beyond traditional church circles, thereby enhancing its reputation and influence. His visionary leadership and tireless efforts have left a lasting legacy that will continue to impact generations to come.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Prof. Nassiuma for his valuable contributions to AIU. May the Lord bless him abundantly and reward him richly for his selfless service.