Student Council

The Africa International University – Student Association is a forum for all students to experience a healthy community life and have effective dialogue with all relevant stakeholders for the good of the students’ population and the university at large.
The association is led by ten(10) member Students Council that is strongly committed to the stated mission of building community and facilitating dialogue through quality leadership and effective representation.
Some of the services offered by the Students’ Council include:
  • The facilitation of the diverse Sports and recreational activities within the University
  • The coordination of student affairs and services.
  • Ensuring provision of secretarial and administrative services at the Students’ Council Offices.
  • Representation of the students in various committees and task forces instituted within and without the University. Closely
  • Related to this is student representation in academic matters through the School Representatives.
  • Induction and orientation of new students to ensure as smooth as possible a transition into student life.
  • These and many other services are offered to ensure student well being as provided for in our constitution.

As a growing community, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas of meeting the needs of our diverse membership. We encourage all current students to fully participate in this community and take advantage of the services and opportunities offered as we seek to develop together, an environment in which students thrive intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. Given that no one has a monopoly on ideas and with the belief that we, as students also have the solutions to the challenges we face, the Students Council is committed to consistently listening to the voice of the students. We therefore welcome any views that can help us serve each other better. Please feel free to visit the Council offices or send an email to Students Council with any information and enquiry that you may have.