Sports & Recreation Department

The Sports and Recreation department takes this chance and opportunity to humbly thank our students who represented us in various sports and clubs’ activities during competitions and tournaments against other universities. This has printed a good picture for our university. Our name is now flourishing outside there due to their commitment, patriotism, and dedication for spreading the good gospel of Africa International University. May the lord grant them favor to continue exercising the same talent for Africa International University.

Our students have been exposed to interact with other university students, hence building good networks. Most of them have gained coaching skills in conducting trainings as it is evidenced during Culture Week events. Those skills gained have been essential to their career hence giving them an advantage to the world. 

The University Management gave our students the chance to develop holistically. The opportunity given has built their professionalism and has nurtured them to be better people in the world.  In the process of participating in university competitions, they have been acquiring certificates that make them exceptional hence they have been easily securing jobs due to those additional sports certificates.

Below is the current performance of our sports and recreation activities for the Kenya Universities Sports Federation and Kenya Performing Arts Association.

  • Athletics field event- Our student qualified for the international level and was to travel to China for the world university games on the 27th of July 2023, The Ministry of Sport was to facilitate for his accommodation together with other athletes from various universities but they were let down by Kenya University Sports Federation whom they did not consult sport registrar to register their body hence the ministry of sports treat it as an illegal entity. Now, they are in the process of legalizing it.
  • Drama club - They qualified for nationals held at Jaramogi Oginda Odinga University and won an adjudicator award.
  • Music club - They qualified for nationals held at Maasai Mara University and hence their performance was average
  • Table Tennis men - They qualified for the National playoffs held at Meru University and they were eliminated in the Quarterfinals by Kabarak University.
  • Badminton men and women - They were eliminated at regionals in the quarterfinals by the Technical University of Kenya.
  • Netball ladies’ team - They were position two at regional and qualified for national where they were eliminated in the quarterfinals and hence became position 5/10
  • Volleyball ladies’ team - They were position three at regional out of eight universities.
  • Football men’s team - They were in position eight out of fifteen universities hence they are optimistic they will perform better this season.
  • Basketball men - They were finished in position nine out of thirteen universities at the regional level hence optimistic they will do better in the coming competition.
  • Football ladies - This being their first time participating in the KUSA competition, they finished position five out of eight universities at the regional level.
  • Dart and chess - They played at Regional, but they were eliminated at stages.
  • Volleyball men - This was the only team that performed unexcepted since they finished position 10 out of 11 universities, we believe they will improve as time goes by.


At the National play off at University of Eldoret.

Ball Game

Sports discipline Games played Points acquiredRanking position as per universities at regional level


To Nationals 

National performance Winning percentage
Netball ladies 1220/252/7QualifiedEliminated at quarter-final by Masinde Muliro University hence position 5/1080%
Volleyball ladies 1433/423/878%
Basketball men2433/529/1363%
Football men2837/748/1550%
Football ladies 1312/395/831%
Volleyball men 2009/5110/1118%

Indoor games

Sports discipline Games played Points acquiredRanking position as per universities at regional level


To Nationals 

National performance Winning percentage
Table Tennis men 59/152/5Qualified Were eliminated by Kabarak University at quarter finals at Meru University60%
Badminton men59/153/560%
Table tennis Ladies 46/123/450%
Chess men 65/114/745%
Badminton ladies 53/154/520%
Chess ladies 42/125/517%


Sports discipline Games played Points acquiredRanking position as per universities at regional levelQualification to nationals  National performanceWinning percentage
Athletics field event (long jump) 110/142/10QualifiedQualified to International held at Chengbu China71%
Triple jump18/144/1057%

Drama and Music club

Sports discipline No. of Participation  Qualification to nationals National performanceNo. AIU student’s participant
Drama club2QualifiedThey won adjudicator award.30
Music club1QualifiedAveragely performed31

A sporting community is a healthy community and a healthy community is a productive community.

Sports Officer

Sports Scholarship

This is a scholarship aimed at promoting exceptional talents in various student activities with the aim of developing a wholistic student as well as marketing AIU to the outside world. This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding performance in various activities such as:  

  • Chapel and spiritual formation
  • Sports
  • Music and Drama, etc.

Continuing students must demonstrate outstanding performance in their area either as individuals or teams as determined by the evaluating body and approved by the scholarship committee. For continuing students, the committee will award 10% of tuition fee to the most talented student; 15 % fee waiver to individual or teams that represent the university at regional level; 20% to teams or individuals who represent the university at national level and 30% to teams or individuals who represent the university at international level such as All Africa University Games and International University Sports Federation. AIU will seek to recruit exceptionally talented students by offering this scholarship; such students will be awarded a 75% of the tuition fees for the first semester, upon meeting the admission criteria.

The AIU student recruitment team will search and tap talents straight from the high school, to identify the talented students and follow them up in their schools to make them an offer for student activities scholarships.
The shortlisted prospective student will be forwarded to the scholarship committee by the Admission office for consideration, with the necessary documentation.