Cafeteria & Student Housing

Student Housing

Africa International University provides limited on-campus housing to students. This is of two kinds: Family based houses (Three bedrooms and two bedrooms flats) and single rooms (one or two students per room with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, and a flat with students sharing rooms, common bathroom and kitchen facilities). The charges for the various accommodations are different as shown in the fee structure on the website.


Due to limited facilities, AIU is unable to meet the housing needs of all students. Priority is therefore given to admitted, full-time students who have paid tuition, housing deposit and other required charges starting with international students.


Part-time, short-term and cohort students will be housed on campus if houses are available. However, the Housing Committee will try to secure housing for such students from within the environs of AIU.


For housing chargers check on the Fee structure


For more information on application for houses, housing policies, rules and regulations kindly check the Student Handbook

Facilities & Amenities

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The University has outsourced the food services provision to a caterer. The Cafeteria is referred to as Romart Caterers and provides a variety of meals to all members of the community and visitors at affordable cost. The meals are served from 7.30 am to 8.00pm on week days. The Cafeteria has flexible working hours over the weekend.

No plates, cups, glasses or any cutlery should be carried out of the café without the permission of the caterer.

There should be booking done in advance for any group of people who wish to be served within or far from the cafeteria. This will include refreshments offered on Friday to Grace Groups. Such bookings should have at least one day notice to enable the café make proper planning and preparation

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