Community Life

The Chaplaincy and Community Life department exists to enable AIU members to flourish and grow into a Christ-centered community, through holistic care, support, mentorship and guidance.

The University Chaplain Heads the Department assisted by the 1st and 2nd Assistant Chaplains. We promote and enhance practical and God-honoring worship in AIU community (Staff, Faculty and Students). This objective is achieved in a variety of ways and avenues including but not limited to:

Chapel services

Three days in a week of guided time of worship:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:

10:00am – 10.50am



Sunday Service

In addition to weekly chapel services, the Chaplaincy runs an interdenominational and international Sunday service program every Sunday at the multipurpose hall.

The service runs from 10:00am-12:00pm

AIU Choir

Christian Union (CU)

This is the main body charged with providing the students body with forums for spiritual growth and outreach. Here, students are discipled to be holistic citizens who integrate faith and life. CU also helps students to spread their faith through missions and leadership development.

Grace Groups

These are small group fellowships made up of staff, faculty and students that meet every Friday for fellowship, mentorship and accountability.

This service is a full-fledged church program whose primary aim is to give members of AIU community an opportunity to make meaningful connection with God through prayer, praise and worship and to experience God’s power and grace through the ministry of His Word and altar ministry. Sunday Chapel is a spiritual service point that gives AIU members a time to grow in grace and an opportunity to serve the Lord and his people through its several ministries.

The ministries that run under AIU Sunday chapel include Ushering, Hospitality, Youth, Sunday school and Bible club, Worship team, Media and sound among others.

Contacts of Personnel

Chaplaincy Office

Other avenues for spiritual nurture under the Chaplaincy include

  • Youth fellowship
  • Ladies fellowship
  • Couples fellowship
  • Children ministries
  • Music ministry

Other Works

The Chaplaincy office is also charged with the responsibility of creating awareness to the community on matters touching the spiritual and general welfare of community and to mobilize prayer and other forms of support to the parties concerned. In this regard and in each case, the Chaplaincy works hand in hand with the relevant departments to offer the relevant spiritual ministry to the students, staff and faculty members.