Overcoming Uncertainty

Your dreams should not be postponed

When everything is so up in the air, it can be easy to fall into what Nathan Furr calls “unproductive uncertainty,” a paralysis that comes from being unable to see a positive path forward. This is the situation among many of us with this Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Many students are grappling with numerous unknowns as immediate as ''will my campus be open in the coming months?'' and as far-reaching as ''will I be allowed back into the country I want to study in or I have been study in?'' - Considering our international students that had traveled back to their countries just before the lockdown.
  • Others are worried about whether they will enroll in classes for the September semester again or will they defer their studies of school altogether?
  • Many others too are struggling with the idea of being able to follow classes while wearing a mask…etc.

Now, an advice from AIU’s Mentorship Office and AJIRA Centre :

Avoid thinking of outcomes in binary terms. Rather than narrowing the future into one of two possibilities, either all good or all bad, consider the much wider range of scenarios and the varying likelihood therein. What feels like a worst-case scenario for you today is probably just that—and a lot less likely than it may feel at the moment.

Secondly, Embrace the online Teaching & learning. Together with the Ministry of ICT under the AJIRA Program, we already had started two years earlier Singing the Song: The future of work is ONLINE. ONLINE work is Work.. It might take a few years to get back our usual normal. The new Normal is Unavoidable. Get yourself a Smart Phone/Computer in case you do not have one, get the discounted Safaricom/Telkom bundles and get into class. Luckily, AIU has offered you this opportunity and teaching is running remotely much better and much closer than it could have been in a physical face to face lessons. Your dreams should not be postponed due to the corona virus.

In case you have any queries, or you need any kind of mentorship/talk, please do NOT hesitate to contact us. The office is open to engaging with both our students and non-AIU students. Just refer them for guidance.

We wish you well in life and God’s protection from the adverse effects of the pandemic..