Youth and Devolution

Africa International University (AIU) & Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF)partnered to hold the National Youth and Devolution Symposium with a Slogan:

From Noise to Voice and Impact code-named:Tunaweza.

The event run between Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th June 2019 at Africa International University Multi-purpose Hall

The event attracted about 350 youth from across all Kenyan counties including AIU Students. The Specific Objectives of the conference were:

  • To provide a platform for youth and youth centered institutions to showcase their work and engagements in a devolved system of governance;
  • To share and highlight success stories from the youth that have been impacted by ELF programme in 8 counties targeting Policy and Legislative engagements;
  • To build momentum for youth initiatives under devolution and map out areas of close collaboration and partnerships among different stakeholders
  • To commence the journey that will lead to periodic convening of Youth & Devolution Conference

The following are the expected outcomes;

  • Enhanced understanding among youth, organizations and development partners on how well the youth can engage in the devolution process
  • Forged partnerships and collaborations among stakeholders on how well to work together and make devolution work for the youth
  • Empowered youth and youth organizations capable of engaging in policy and legislative processes
  • Increased visibility and engagement in matters governance and leadership, at the national and county levels by the youth centered organizations
  • Showcasing of models that work that can be replicated to create success stories in counties