Impacts of indoor and outdoor heat exposure on maternal and neonatal health in rural kenya

One of our esteemed faculty member, Dr. Adelaide Lusambili in partnership with Dr Cherie Part, a Research Fellow in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) have achieved a remarkable milestone by securing GBP 317,863 grant from the Medical Research Foundation/UK.  The grant will examine the impact of heat exposure on maternal and neonatal health in the coastal region of Kenya by developing mathematical functions to estimate indoor temperatures from weather data and identify building structures most conducive to maternal and neonatal health. The research team will also work with local and government stakeholders to design interventions to mitigate extreme heat effects on mothers and newborns.

The grant is a testament to Africa International University institution’s commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation. This achievement not only highlights Dr Lusambili’s dedication and expertise but also underscores Africa International University as a thriving research centre, strengthens our reputation as a Hub of academic excellence and innovation, attracting talents, collaborations, and funding opportunities. Furthermore, it enhances our ability to attract top-tier students and faculty members who are eager to contribute to various areas of research within and externally.

In addition to its academic significance, this grant elevates Africa International University standing in the broader community and among peer institutions. It reinforces our commitment to addressing pressing global health challenges and positions us as a valuable partner for future collaborations and initiatives.

The impact of this grant goes beyond the research itself. It contributes to the overall growth and development of AIU, aligning with our mission to be at the forefront of educating Christ-Centred leaders for the transformation of God’s people and the world through innovative programs, research, and community engagement.  This achievement will not only advance medical science but also boost the profile of AIU as a leader in research and academia.

Details about the grant can be found here: