Bachelor Science in Information Technology

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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology curriculum is designed to produce graduates equipped to function in entry-level information systems positions with a strong foundation for continued career growth. It combines conceptual knowledge in key disciplinary areas with strong technical knowledge required for workplace performance. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on project work thus building the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed by information technology professionals

The design of the programme seeks to address the emerging gaps in the industry with respect to the development and management of computer software, computer hardware, and computer networks that drive the corporate agenda, and simultaneously provide academic continuity. The graduates will be able to collaborate with other stakeholders in advancing new practice, knowledge, and research in respective specialization areas

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Apply the acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies at the workplace to address contemporary issues in the social and economic domains.
  • Generate new knowledge through research in the areas of computer software development, networking, and management information systems.
  • Drive change in the IT industry with the aim of creating a competitive advantage
  • Develop IT innovations for both local and global consumption
  • Generate new opportunities to tackle strategic issues facing the IT industry
  • Advance to higher academic levels in areas of computer software development, computer networking, and management information systems.
  • Program Specialization
  • Management Information System
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networking
TimePlaceSemester Range
3 Hour ClassLecture RoomsJan, May & Sept

Entry requirements

Must have an aggregate grade of C+ (C PLUS) in K.C.S.E (or equivalent examination) and a minimum grade of C in Mathematics and English,

Must have any TWO Principal passes, minimum principal E, in ‘A’ Level in Advanced Certificate of Education

A Diploma in IT or any other related field from an institution of higher learning recognized by the Commission of University Education and/or the University Senate

Mode of study

Remote Teaching & Learning via Microsoft Team-Semester

Evening classes- Monday-Thursday (Intake: Jan, May, Sept)

Weekend classes – Friday-Saturday (Intake : Jan, May, Sept)

Modular classes for 2 weeks( April, August, Nov/Dec)

undergraduate Classes

Our undergraduate programs perspective embraces disciplined, rigorous critical thinking and allows for the nurturing of relationships, creativity, and innovation.