Master of Business Administration

Main Campus

 The program aims to provide students with a broad-based business management education that takes into account the management skills necessary to perform as a professional in the dynamic global business environment.

The program integrates faith and Christian values that will enable students to learn the important skills effective managers and organizational leaders need to survive and succeed in today’s global marketplace. MBA is an integrated post-graduate study of Christian liberal arts and professional education. It integrates academic rigor with real-life problem-solving approaches which equip the student with knowledge and technical skills that can be easily transferred on the job using the results of research works in the dynamic global business environment

  • Objectives
  • To conduct strategic analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations and provide them with an understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment
  • Analyze issues in finance and explain how they affect businesses performance To identify entrepreneurial opportunities, develop and apply innovative strategies in a local and global environment
  • To exhibit global marketing business strategies with local relevance
  • Program Specialization
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management
TimePlaceSemester Range
3 Hour ClassLecture RoomsJan, May & Sept

Entry requirements

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (Second Class Honours [Upper Division] or higher) from Africa International University or other universities recognized by the Africa International University Senate.

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (Second Class Honours [Lower Division]) from Africa International University who have at least two years of relevant experience.

Holders of a postgraduate diploma (credit level or higher) from Africa International University or other institutions recognized by the Africa International University Senate.

In exceptional cases, Senate, on the recommendation of any of the schools, may admit to the Masters program, applicants who do not hold a first degree, provided that such candidates, based on the research and academic work they have done, can demonstrate that they are well qualified to undertake postgraduate work. This is so long as it is in line with the relevant regulatory bodies

Mode of study

Remote Teaching & Learning via Microsoft Team-Semester

Evening classes- Monday-Thursday (Intake: Jan, May, Sept)

Weekend classes – Friday-Saturday (Intake : Jan, May, Sept)

Modular classes for 2 weeks( April, August, Nov/Dec)

Building Your Social Capital

A two-year postgraduate programme that is aimed at preparing students for a career in business and related fields