Doctor of Philosophy in Translation Studies

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The PhD in Translation Studies is composed of two stages, an initial stage of one year in which the student takes 6 seminars and writes 6 papers, the contents of which are tailored to the student’s research needs and goals, and a subsequent stage of research and writing culminating in a dissertation.

This second stage lasts 3 years, and may be extended to 6 years. Since translation is inherently an interdisciplinary pursuit, students may take one or more seminars from other departments, depending on the topic of their research. From a theoretical point of view, the PhD in Translation Studies at AIU espouses a cognitive linguistic approach.

  • General Linguistics
  • African Linguistics
  • Socio-Linguistics
  • Cognitive Approaches to Linguistics
TimePlaceDate Range
9:00am – 5:00pmPHD Seminar RoomsJan, May & Sept

Entry requirements

A Master’s degree from AIU or an institution recognized by the AIU Senate. Beyond the possession of a degree, the applicant must have a cumulative mean of at least a B in his/her Masters studies, and must demonstrate ability in academic research. Specific program minimum requirements will apply.

In exceptional cases, Senate, on the recommendation of any of the schools, may admit to the doctorate program, applicants who do not hold a Master’s degree, provided that such candidates, on the basis of the research, professional and academic work they have done, can demonstrate that they are well qualified to undertake doctoral work. This is so long as it is in line with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Mode of study

Remote Teaching & Learning via Microsoft Team-Semester

Evening classes- Monday to Friday

Modular classes for 2 weeks( April, August, Nov/Dec

PHD Programs

The PhD in Translation Studies at AIU espouses a cognitive linguistic approach.