Leadership and Governance Hub

AIU Leadership and Governance Hub is domiciled in the School of Business & Economics (SBE) of Africa International University (AIU). The Hub activities are supported by the faculty in the Leadership, Governance, and Public Administration (LGPA) Department of the School. The LGPA Department currently runs 3 postgraduate programs. These are Ph.D. in Leadership and Governance, Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership, and Master of Public Policy and Administration. The Director of the hub is Professor Eric Aseka, a professor of History, Leadership, and Governance. The Hub is comprised of 5 centres; namely Leadership and Governance Centre; Environmental Governance Centre; Public Policy and Administration Centre; Corporate Governance Centre, and Entrepreneurship and Leadership Centre.

Upcoming Event


Emotional Intelligence Course

30th Jan - 3rd Feb, 2023

The potential for intelligence to positively predict a leader's effectiveness has drawn a lot of attention today and increasing demands are being placed on organizations, managers and employees to develop new knowledge domains, skills and competencies. Emotional intelligence enables us as leaders to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. A powerful key to effective leadership



Why the hub?

Good governance and ethical leadership are essential for a successful organization in the eyes of stakeholders in the 21st century. The Hub focuses on the development of both leadership and governance due to the importance of both in providing strategic direction for leaders and helping them foster commitment and accountability. Whereas effective leadership and governance are vital in narrowing the gap in organizational outcomes, their absence results in decreased efficiency. In addition, leadership that lacks knowledge, skills accountability, transparency, and ignores community participation is poor in service delivery. 

Competencies contribute to an individual’s quality and efficient performance in organizational leadership. The Hub considers competencies as an important component of Leadership Development Programs and therefore a priority in its training and consulting activities. The Hub seeks to develop and enhance strategic competencies to enable those trained to provide quality and effective leadership, and governance to their organizations. In addition, the Hub seeks to provide value-based and ethical-oriented training to achieve its transformative roles in leadership development. Character development is a critical component because it determines how leaders acquire and use their competencies. Character determines a leader’s decisions and how such decisions are implemented, monitored, and evaluated. Overall, the Leadership and Governance Hub is committed to contributing to the building of knowledge and capacity for excellence in civic, public, and corporate leadership. The Hub aims to facilitate collaboration and interaction between scholars and practitioners and to advance leadership and governance through quality training and mentorship. It also aspires to foster leadership development through capacity-building programs that facilitate peer-to-peer learning, and enhance a transformation of individuals, the organizations, and the systems where they operate.