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Africa International University is committed to excellence in research and innovation in all its forms. Informed by a strong commitment to the promotion of social justice, diversity and the public good, we aspire through our research to better understand the human condition and the world around us, and to train Christ-centered leaders who will be agents of transformation for our countries, societies and communities.

Several years ago, Africa International University faculty contributed to and edited the Africa Bible Commentary. Just recently Africa International University’s faculty and students were central to the production of the Africa Study Bible. Focused on discipleship and application, the Africa Study Bible is God’s Word through African eyes. Over 2600 features were written by 350 contributors from 50 countries! Africa International University provided the supervising editor of the project, four of the content and theological reviewers, a project manager, and 14 more contributors. Click here to purchase on Amazon. What’s more, the insights of our faculty and students are being published to build the church across Africa and around the world. For more on recent highlights: Click here

Call for papers for Impact: Journal for Transformation

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Upcoming Events

Diaspora Sympossium
Seeking Peace For Africa
30th January, 2023 - 1st February, 2023


The AIU Institutional Scientific Ethical Review Committee is accredited by the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) to coordinate, receive and screen external and internal research proposals.

As such, all research, academic and/or non-academic involving human, animal or plant subjects must undergo ethical clearance before collection of data.


AMRIConnect is an academic and mission platform that allows member institutions and organizations to Share, Connect, and Collaborate in mission-oriented research.

Through its networks, Institutions, and other organizations who come together, AMRIConnect enables member institution to learn from what others are doing, follow them, and create knowledge that is useful to the world.

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AIU’s Partnerships’ Office oversees all giving to the University and works to ensure that every gift is invested as the giver intends. Whether the gift is financial or in-kind, our staff is here to help. Our generous donors and partners have helped AIU become a leader in Christian higher education, expanding the University’s ministry and influence. We pray God’s continued blessing upon these men and women for their gracious stewardship!

Africa International University is committed to helping every student find his or her calling as a Christ- centered leader. Our faculty and staff are continuously striving to help students integrate their faith, sense of God’s calling and educational experiences. The mission to educate Christ-centered leaders for the transformation of God’s people and world is greater than any person can accomplish alone. 

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Rev. Dr. Enoch Harun Opuka
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Dr. Josephine Mutuku
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