Message from the Students’ Council President

Fellow students, it is such a great honor to have you as part of our learning citadel in Africa International University and as a member of AIU-Students Association by virtue of admission.

The Students Association is headed by a democratically elected Student Council which plays an executive role for the body. The Council exists to serve and represent your interests in mediation with the relevant University Leadership with an aim of finding amicable solutions and creating a conducive learning experience for all students.

Well, university education is something that a lot of our peers dream about and some take years of working and saving while planning to acquire it. This, therefore, calls for hard work and a spirit of excellence and undivided focus as you engage and learn during your time here and exploiting the God-given opportunity as it comes. Comrades, acquiring knowledge, is an indispensable attribute which all of us should admire in order to gain skills that will shape the course of life for many who look up to us.

That being said, we are an international family comprising of students coming from different parts of Africa, North America and Asia and this, positions you as a student in AIU to interact with different cultures and values thus transforming and broadening your worldview. AIU will give you the experience of always home but away from home through these special inter-cultural interactions.

I understand the intensity of campus life and as such, AIU offers a variety of activities to take the academic pressure off your shoulders through various sporting activities and the diverse active clubs in our campus. As a student body we are proud of the increased participation and performance by our students in the recent years at the national level and you could be our next icon in such fields. We are always overjoyed when one of our comrades puts our institute on the map and, to our brave sports and clubs ambassadors we say, “Salute!”

Finally, we are all here to learn from each other and hereby invite you to come to our offices and talk with us on how we can improve and craft even better solutions for the benefit of the students and the University as a whole. I equally encourage you to find time and read the student’s handbook and our constitution to stand guided, enlightened and empowered in all that pertains to student life at AIU.

Asante Sana.